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5 Ways To Complete Your New Years Resolution!

With the New Year starting, it is a time people want to make changes in their life. People are often unhappy with certain things in their life so there is no better time than the 1st of January!

The biggest issue is it is not easy as it seems. It’s easy to say you’re going to do it when you’re comfortable. But when it comes to waking up on January 1st and you’re about to conquer your goals, reality hits. You have to change quite a few things to hit what you want to achieve.

Some ways I find it helps hitting goals is by:

1. Not going over the top! It’s very easy to go straight in to hit these goals whether that is losing weight: you start eating foods you don’t like and doing 5 sessions a week right off the bat, when you haven’t worked out in a while or ever. All that will happen is that you’re going to burn yourself out and not enjoy the process.

2. Keep anything you plan to do to yourself. Having that pressure from friends and family is not easy, for example if you’re not hitting your goals fast enough or it becomes more of a struggle having people knowing your business is just adding more pressure which you don’t need.

3. Creating good habits is key! Just like brushing your teeth is a habit which you stick to everyday, start making good habits with your goals, whether that’s working more, exercising, eating better. Start slowly. Keep being persistent and make it a habit which you will stick to!

4. Do it for yourself and not anyone else. If you’re happy with something, keep doing it. If you’re unhappy with you’re doing, then change it. Don’t let the pressure of society or people around you affect you from doing something you don’t want to do. Do what will make you happy- no one else. Always look after number 1!

5. Take your time. Your life won’t change overnight; there are going to be hurdles along the way, it won’t be plain sailing. You’re not in competition with anyone else but yourself, so take it easy and enjoy the journey.

Trust The System!

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