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Activation For Warming Up!

Now this is where resistance bands come in. Depending on what session you are doing you want to target the part of the body you are going to be using so for example, if you are going for a run you want to activate the hips, glutes, etc… so placing the band on your feet and doing movements like going side to side, moving your foot up while keeping one down.

This is going to activate the part of your body ready for the exercise you are doing. Or another example would be for boxing; a way to activate your body ready for the session could be resistant bands which will get your shoulders ready or, even having the bands around your legs and focus on movement!

You’re not looking for fatigue when activating your body, so you want to aim to do 5-10 reps each movement to prime your body ready for the session ahead! You want to make sure you’re targeting a singular muscle so you can feel it’s engagement with your body!

Trust The System!

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