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Do You Need A Gym To Get Fit?

You do not need a gym at all to get fit, I’ve noticed through lockdown is so many people saying they can’t wait for the gym to open to start finally getting fit, but the reality is you don’t need it to get fit, or need to even wait for it to be open!

The thing is, what is the definition of fitness? And in reality their isn’t one, it all depends on what you define as fit, whether thats walking without being out of breath, getting ‘Hench’, being able to run, it’s basically what ever your goal is.

You don’t need to wait for the gym to open to go on the treadmill, you can run out doors.

If you want to use weights, invest in some resistance bands for literally less than the price of your monthly gym membership, they’re functional and can be used pretty much anywhere. Remember when it comes to improving your fitness, you want your body to be under stress, whether that is lifting weights (Using resistance bands), going for runs/long walks.

The gym is great, but don’t just rely on it and wait for it to open before you change to improve your health and fitness! it’s not as complicated as you may think!

Trust The System!

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