Do You Need To Track Calories To Lose Weight?

So, we know to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. But do you need to track everything you’re eating to lose weight? No, but it does help. At the end of the day you need to find what works best for you!

If tracking your food is not sustainable for you and you don’t want to, then simply don’t. There’s still ways to be In a calorie deficit without tracking your food.

The best I would say is eating less than you normally consume. If you’re looking at losing weight, the first thing I would suggest is try and cut down on your treats (not restricting yourself, but having less than normal) For example if you have a big sharing bag of chocolate a day, then what you want to do is either have just a single chocolate bar, or a healthier option such as fruit.

Once you sort your treats then its time to look at your food. It is just about having smaller portions. Instead of over eating until you’re stuffed, eat until you're satisfied. Already by doing this you’re reducing your portion sizes without having to track anything.

Another big one would be with take aways. We all love a treat, so keep it in! A few things you want to do is either cut the amount of take aways you have in a week. Also cut down on the portions. For me, instead of having a large quarter pounder meal with 20 chicken nuggets and a burger on the side. I would now change It to, having a Medium/Small meal, without the extra burger and a smaller amount of chicken nuggets with the meal.

The whole aim is to be conscious of what your eating, and by cutting down on treats, you will start to be consuming less which will end up having you in a calorie deficit without tracking! Remember, tracking is not necessary, it just helps!

Trust The System!

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