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Does Boxing Make You A Bully?

Will boxing make you a bully? The opposite actually, a lot of people relate boxers to being rough, and people that are looking for a fight. Obviously, you get the odd few idiots who will give the sport a bad name, but any boxing club you go to, majority of the boxers are probably some of most down to earth people you’ll ever meet.

The reason why is because they have nothing to prove compared to bullies. Bullies like to pick on people because they have to prove to themselves and their mates they’re ‘Hard’ so they will pick on people weaker and can’t defend themselves to make themselves feel good (Which is why they never pick on people who can defend themselves as they’re not what they’re desperate to be).

Where as if you’re someone who does boxing or even any martial arts, you’ve got nothing to prove because you know you can look after yourselves and everyone around you knows it too, so likely hood of you getting trouble is slim, and also the chances a boxer is going to pick on someone is even more smaller.

One thing I always think is important is for kids to get into martial arts at a young age! Not only to prevent getting bullied, but to not be a bully either, so parents definitely consider this! Theres plenty out there!

Trust The System!

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