Why I Love Padwork

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Pad work is probably one of the main forms of training when it comes to boxing, just like the speed ball and the punch bag, pad work is up there. The amount of benefits it has is crazy, for a boxer preparing for a fight it’s great for the boxer and their coach to go over tactics for a fight and sharpen up certain punches. Even for non-boxers just looking for a workout, every gym I’ve been to that provides pad work, it is always the most popular part of any workout. Especially the more you do it and practice, the more fancy skills you can do- no matter who you are, you will feel like a bad ass doing it.

My favourite part about it has to be how the pad holder determines how hard you work. Compared to the bag or shadow boxing, it can be easy to slack, not put much effort in your punches or even just be stuck in mud (not using your footwork). If you got a good pad holder they will make sure you got some sharpness in your punches, you’re constantly moving, correcting your technique.

Since we’re in isolation and there is so many workout videos it could get boring, and if you’ve got a partner or even kids, boxing gloves and pads and want to learn a new skill and try something new out, I’m going to post some content on how to correctly hold the pads safely for you and the person you are holding for and by the end of it you will have something new to add to your workouts during these dark times!

Keep safe every one

Trust The System!

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