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Here's My Story

When I became a personal trainer, I weighed between 81-85kg. I was in good shape, fit, and looked the part. My image told people that I was a great personal trainer who knew what he was talking about when it came to losing weight

Within the space of 6 months, my weight had jumped to 120kg. After the drastic weight gain, I was told constantly that I was ‘too fat’ to be a personal trainer, and that I had let myself go. I was constantly judged for the way I looked.

We are in a world where we are praised for our looks, and it’s perceived that you can achieve happiness by having the ‘perfect body’. Little do people know that in the first picture, I was depressed. I was on anti-depressants, and all they did was make me feel lethargic and sleep throughout the day.

In the first picture, I had got to the point where I thought ‘enough is enough’. I felt the best outcome was to not be here anymore. I got to the edge of a cliff, but luckily something inside me stopped me from jumping.

I went back to the doctors, which resulted in more antidepressants. This time, the antidepressants caused me to gain an excess amount of weight. I continued with these tablets hoping to fix my mental health. The weight gain made it a struggle to teach my classes. I felt fatigued and out of breath. Then, the name calling began. This is why, like I have said in a previous video, that I am against fat shaming. You never know what someone is going through.

Being an overweight personal trainer affected me. I was turned down from gyms, and clients didn’t want to train with me due to the way I looked. I felt no one would take me seriously anymore. When I came off the medication, I tried to practice what I would preach such as going for runs, keeping my food plain and having breakfast fruit smoothies. What I have learnt is that it’s definitely not as simple as that.

Losing weight is hard. It is easy for people who are already in good shape to tell someone that they need to lose weight. The problem a lot of the time is that they don’t really understand the mental battle that person is going through.

Looking back, the weight gain has been a blessing. It’s allowed me to educate myself on how to lose weight healthily and realise that it isn’t as easy as once thought. I now know how to converse with my clients and help them achieve their goals.

My aim for my clients is to support them in achieving their goals whilst also understanding their mental struggles along the way. I am in a much better position in my life now. Happier than I was in both pictures. I’m living the dream and educating myself daily to make as much of a positive impact on my clients as possible.

Trust The System!

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