How I Start My Day On The Right Track!

One thing I find that helps me to get me through the day is how I start my day. I really believe in how you start your morning will help determine your day throughout!

The one thing I do every single day, is have my alarm on for 6 am. I don’t have to get out of bed for 6, but I'm awake and I know I have control of my day instead of just waking up randomly! Straight after that I always have my breakfast. I prepare it the night before (Overnight oats). Having my breakfast ready and in the fridge for me when I wake up is so much more convenient than waking up and having to think about what you’re going to eat.

Now, depending on my day ahead I’ll either go out for a walk, workout or have a nice cold shower! I prefer to get my workouts and 10,000 steps done early because It will help stop me from talking my self out of doing it throughout the day! I will have a cold shower every single day, even if it’s freezing outside. The cold shower prepares me mentally knowing if I can do this, which I really don’t want to do, I’ll pretty much do anything else throughout the day which may seem like a big deal.

This works for me, mainly because it’s a great start to being productive and in control. Routine is key, especially as humans, the best days I have is when i’m in my routine, if I drop off one thing I’ll try catch it up mid way through the day! Having a routine helps keep myself accountable and stops me from feeling rubbish

Trust The System!

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