How To Lose Weight Without Tracking Calories

The way to lose weight is by dropping your calories. But if you aren’t the person that wants to track your calories and count every single thing you consume then here’s a few tips on losing weight without tracking:

1. Make better choices with your food. Slowly start adding healthier alternatives rather than cutting it out completely. For example, have a water instead of a coke with your takeaway. Sweet potato chips/mash instead of normal potatoes. Grilled chicken instead of fried/battered. You’re cutting your calories without making a massive sacrifice.

2. Cutting down your portion sizes will help big time. This is one I found hard but appreciated more. Having one less Pattie in your burger is going to cut your calories down. You’ll appreciate the taste of your food a lot more when consuming less in one go. Instead of having large chips go for medium. Anything you feel you can cut down on is one helpful way to decrease your calories.

3. If you move more, you’ll be burning more calories than you normally would. Maybe adding an extra gym session than you’re doing now, walking to work, making your own food, carrying a basket when going shopping. These small things do make a massive difference in the long run.

4. Keeping yourself occupied. When you’re bored you may feel hungry, which may result in snacking. You’re giving yourself time to think about food and snacks. When you are busy and occupied you’re thinking about something else instead of your favourite treats.

5. Keeping snacks out of sight/reach is a big one. If you have all of your favourite snacks within arm’s reach the likely hood is, you’re going to eat it. Substituting chocolate and crisps for healthier alternatives will help reduce your calorie intake.

There are so many ways to lose weight without it being complicated. Small changes are a lot more beneficial in the long run than drastic changes for the short term.

Trust The System!

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