How To Protect Your Wrists Holding Pads!

If you’ve just started holding pads or you have been doing it for a while, you might end up hurting your wrists. There’s a few reasons why this could be, either your boxer is literally punching your wrists, you’re fatigued, or you got the wrong mitts. When I first started holding pads I was holding for hours with different types of people and my wrists were hurting, so one advice I followed was to start wearing tape around my wrists which helped keep them supported (just like when you put wraps on your hands). Another thing I did as well was change the pads I was using.

I was using very thin pads which wasn’t really that good in the long run so I went onto holding larger mitts with more cushion. This made such a difference because the boxer could hit as hard as they want and I felt so much more protected and more comfortable wearing them. Another thing I took notice of was how the boxer punched, if they didn't punch properly I would correct their form and tell them to aim right for the middle of the pad for target, especially if you are new to boxing, you don't really know what you are doing, so giving the boxer a target was perfect.

These are just a few things I used to help protect myself and now I have no pain at all! I hope this helps!

Trust The System!

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