How To Stop Over-Eating!

So, you’re wanting to lose a bit of weight and decide to go on a ‘diet’. You plan to cut out a certain food group such as carbs as you heard through the grape vine that they are ‘bad’. You start adding salads into your diet although you hate them. This lasts for a couple of days, but you’re starting to crave your favourite takeaway. You keep telling yourself “you can’t have it” whilst chewing away at that salad you made. Finally, you give into your cravings and have a takeaway, and even buy some snacks such as Pringles and a big old chocolate bar. You eat it without a second thought. Then, the guilt starts to creep in. You feel like you’ve almost committed a crime. You tell yourself you’ll start again tomorrow. And, so the cycle continues. Does this sound like you? Or something you’ve done in the past? Having a calorie deficit is key to losing weight. You could have a Mcdonald’s every day within your calories and still lose weight (I’m not suggesting you should though- having a balanced diet is key!). Unless you have a medical condition/preference that prevents you from eating a certain food group you don’t need to cut out anything! When you go on a ‘diet’ you’re restricting yourself of certain foods. What does this do? Make you want it even more. You fantasise about it, even salivate over it. So, when you do eat it, you don’t stop and eat more and more. You feel guilt, then tell yourself from tomorrow you’ll restrict yourself again. To prevent this, don’t restrict what you eat. Just reduce the portions. If you over eat one day, you can lower your calories over the rest of the week to balance it out. If you don’t restrict yourself of a certain food, you won’t find yourself having these out of control cravings. You’ll also find that you’ll have a much healthier and positive relationship with food. TRUST THE SYSTEM!

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