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It's Okay Not To Ache After Working Out!

I’ve seen and heard so many people feel disheartened if they’re not struggling to walk properly after they’ve worked out, believing they didn’t work hard enough, or the workout was a waste of time. If your trainer is absolutely destroying you during a session, or your workout routine has killed you off to the point that you can’t even move afterwards, they’ve pushed you too hard. This is called overtraining! The whole point of working out is to get fitter- not to push yourself so hard that you’re unable to work out for the next couple of days. When you really think about it, isn’t that defeating the object? Isn’t it better to build up a consistent workout routine several times a week than completing a hard session that leaves you with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to the point of being able to move properly? One way to see if you’ve overtrained is to repeat the exact same workout a week later. If you’ve improved and find it even that little bit easier to do, that’s perfect! However if you’re struggling and feel weaker, that could be a sign that you’ve overtrained. It’s better to walk before you run- build up to it! Trust the system.

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