Mental Health is More Than "Just Talk"

When there’s a discussion around mental health, it is encouraged for those who are struggling to just ‘talk to someone’.

I get it- it’s good for people to be open about their struggles in order to get help

But it’s not as easy as just speaking about it.

When someone is struggling, they can often feel like a burden. If they feel as if no one loves or cares about them, they’re not going to open up and talk about it.

Even from my own experience, the response may not be the best. It’s more or less the typical “You’re not the only one, you’ll be fine”. This just made me feel worse, and even more of a burden.

Even when you do get the courage to speak out, it can feel like you’re not making any progress. You go to your doctors and the only option they can give you is anti-depressants whilst you’re on a 3-month waiting list for a few counselling sessions.

There needs to be change, people shouldn’t have to go to extreme lengths to have help, it needs to be prevented before it gets to that stage.

If you want to really help someone, then actually be there for them, don’t just say it for the sake of it, that person who came to you came to you for a reason, so don’t let them think of it as a mistake.

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