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Stay Away From Sweat Suits

A tactic people use, especially trained fighters, are sweat suits as part of their training session, with the aim to cut weight.

Sweat suits do drop weight, however when you drink water, that weight you’ve lost is put back on.

Having them as part of your training routine to drop weight isn’t the best idea. You want to perform the best you can in your sessions, not dehydrate yourself, otherwise you aren’t doing yourself any justice.

If you’re dehydrating yourself, then you’re playing a dangerous game and it’s just going to cause more harm than good.

If you’re trying to drop weight to compete, be as sensible as possible. Gradually drop your weight and don’t try and copy fighters you see dropping 20 lbs in a week, IT IS NOT GOOD.

With the science we have now, there are some incredible dieticians who can help you drop weight and still keep your energy levels up.

Remember, be sensible, keep safe, and aim to get the most out of your session, being as fuelled as possible.

Trust The System!

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