Stop Giving Your Clients The Same Workouts!

One thing i’ve seen in gyms a lot, is Personal Trainers with quite a lot of clients, of all different abilities, but doing the exact same workout with each one of them. Why is this an issue? Yeah, they’re still working out and doing something. But the difference is, if you’re a personal trainer and you have a client paying you a lot of money, to do a workout you’re doing with everyone, it’s not right is it? It’s like a doctor prescribing everyone with the same antibiotics no matter what they’ve come in for.

We are called Personal trainers for a reason, because your training session is personal to that one client. Every person you will be training is going to be completely different to each other, don’t just change the weight or the intensity, provide the whole session dedicated to that one clients needs.

Also, stop making your clients do things they can’t do either, to make you look good, if they can’t do a basic squat and you’re having them do 360 jump squats, then theres something wrong

Trust the System!

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