Stop Making Working Out A Punishment!

This is for all the PE teachers and certain coaches in the world: one thing I’ve come to realise in the fitness industry people hate certain workouts such as burpees, or running. Why? Probably because it normally used as a form of punishment.

Think back to school when you were doing PE, you or some other kids are being naughty, and the teachers punishment? Make you/Whole class do laps. Or if you’re in a sports club and the punishment for being late/talking etc… is burpees or push ups? I get it; it can be a good way to show discipline while getting people fit, but what it’s actually doing is when you hear the word burpees, how many people start to get anxious and dread it? How many people now hate running thanks to that one teacher who would instead of making running fun, and something beneficial and enjoyable, it’s now turned into a punishment? So of course people are going to not wanna do it.

Anything with fitness should never be used as a punishment. If we want to make people fit and healthy and to enjoy exercise, stop using it to discipline people!

Trust The System!

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