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The Best Time To Use Weights!

When we’re finally allowed to get back to the gym a lot of people are going to be getting straight into lifting weights, which is great! But we all need to be cautious about how we’re lifting weights.

I see so many people starting the gym and straight away they’re doing heavy lifts thinking it’s going to get them stronger. Obviously lifting weights will soon get you stronger, but if you’re not doing the correct form you’ll find you’re going to be spending a lot less time in the gym recovering and the progress is going to be twice as long.

For example, your focusing on squats. You want to add weight into it but you struggle to do a basic bodyweight squat. Leave the weights until you’ve perfected the form and can manage a bodyweight squat. Even when you’re ready to add weights, the amount of weight is paramount. Just using the bar to get used to back squats is still going to have benefit in the long run rather than going in all guns blazing resulting in hurting your back or your knees. Leave your ego at the door!

When it comes to weightlifting its a long steady progress. Getting your form spot on first will help you greatly in the long run. Slowly add weights, take your time with your progression; it takes time, but its worth it. Leave that ego at the door and focus on making a better version of yourself!

Trust The System!

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