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The Importance of Having Goals

It’s really important to have a goal to work towards.

When it comes to your health and fitness, having a goal can help keep you focused.

That goal could be anything from completing a marathon, going up the ranks in a martial art, improving your strength with weightlifting. Anything that motivates you to do that activity is a goal you should have.

Having a goal to keep you accountable is great, especially in regard to fitness, because it can help with other goals such as weight loss. If you find losing weight really hard, and you hate doing certain exercises, find a skill that you want to progress at. For me it would be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am motivated to improve my skills and achieve the higher belts. That is what drives me to progress.

One goal I used to have was to complete a half marathon, so working towards that, got me more active, and I wasn’t so fixated on losing weight, just focused on improving my speed and distance to achieve that goal!

One goal I had prior was completing a half marathon. Working towards that got me more active. I focused improving my speed and distance and got in better shape whilst doing it. Bonus!

And once you’ve achieved it, then you can modify it or increase the goal- keep building on it.

Don’t over think weight loss find something you can develop on and improve on and it will make your weight loss journey so much easier.

Don’t overthink weight loss- find something that you enjoy and can develop and improve on. It will make your weight loss journey more enjoyable, and so much easier!

Trust The System!

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