The Issue With Fast Long Boxing Combos!

The issue with fast ‘Floyd Mayweather' style combos? Nothing! why? because why is it an issue? I’ve seen so many boxing trainers slate these fast combos even slating people who aren't doing amazing technique with it, or that the trainers are doing most of the work.

Yes some times its not proper form, yes its not realistic, but what it is doing, is giving the client something to feel good about! As fitness trainers we want to get people into fitness and to enjoy it, not feel embarrassed and shamed about working out.

The trainers who are calling these people out, just have issues with themselves, and I can tell you now, there are plenty of things they’re not good at. It’s like Michael Jordan taking the mick out of kids playing basketball who constantly miss their shots and have bad technique- not going to happen is it?

Don’t let anyone shame you or make you feel embarrassed about training, it’s their own insecurities, do what makes you happy, do what you enjoy, and let these ‘Professionals’ worry about their own struggles.

Trust The System!

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