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The Issue with Weighing Yourself

Weighing yourself can be a good way to check your progress,

But you’ve stepped on the scales and you’re heavier than what you were a couple of days day before. It’s disheartening, but there are a couple of factors that play a part:

Timing: When weighing yourself, you need to be consistent. Make sure you stick to the same time every time (morning preferably, before you have eaten or had a drink. Also, after you’ve been to the toilet). Keep the scales in the same place when weighing (hard surface rather than carpet). That way it gives you a more accurate reading of your weight.

Fluctuation: This is normal. Weight fluctuates all the time for many reasons. This could be down to your menstrual cycle (depending on the phase is where you may hold more water), the food you have been eating (certain foods may take longer to digest or retain water) and even the temperature.

One thing I want you guys to remember when you step on the scales, is that you’re not just measuring fat. You may have lost fat, but the scales doesn’t show that because you haven’t been to the toilet, or you’ve put muscle on. Think of your body as the world, and body fat as Asia; it’s one part that makes up the world.

Don’t let the scales be what determines your happiness or your progress!

Trust The System!

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