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Tracking Calories When Eating Out

Tracking calories when eating out is more difficult. Especially because you don’t know exactly what is being put in.

The ingredients that are being put into your food aren’t intended to be as lean as possible but to be as tasty as possible, so the chefs aren’t going to be adding low fat butter or the lightest oil. They’re going to be using full fat, high calorie ingredients to make the food taste as good as it possibly can.

If you’re tracking your food when you’re eating out id put in everything that’s on the plate e.g., for a burger, just put the amount of patties, the toppings, bun and the sides. And then leave around 200 calories spare and that would be as close as you can get.

Some restaurants now do have the calories on their menus to make it easy to track which is great, but a lot don’t, so just try do the best you can, and most importantly make sure to actually enjoy your meal.

If you don’t want to track, then don’t and just carry on the next day!

Trust The System!

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