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Weighing Scales For Weight Loss?

Weighing scales should not determine your success in your weight loss journey. I feel that the term ‘weight loss' is the biggest issue- people aren’t trying to lose weight but actually want to lose fat, and one main way people measure this is by weighing themselves. But this is the issue, the amount of people I’ve seen who spend a few weeks eating healthier, exercising more and being more active, start to notice changes in the way they look, their activity levels, their clothes being looser and they feel great. But then they weigh themselves, and realise “Oh, I’ve actually not lose any weight”. The number on the scales has determined their mood, and then they think everything they have done was a waste of time. It’s crazy right? You start to feel good, feel more confident in yourself, and then a number on the floor has taken it all away.

Weight is not an issue, if you do sports where you have to be a certain weight then yes thats’ when weight may matters, but other than that majority of people do not need to be a certain weight to lose fat and be healthy, we are all different and all come in different shapes and sizes, a number on the scales does not determine your health and fitness as much as you think.

Keep focusing on you, remember you want to lose fat, not necessarily weight.

Trust The System!

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