What to do if you go over your calories?

There is going to be days where you go over your targeted calories, and that is ok, it’s going to happen, were human so don’t stress.

Some things you can do is just carry on like normal the next day tracking your calories, or if you want to be extra accurate, cut down your calories either the next day or spread it out through the week.

So, if you went over your calories by 500 on Monday, you could for the next 5 days drop your calories by 100 each day, which won’t seem like a massive drop comparing to dropping your calories by 500 in one day but find what works best for you!

Another tip as well would be if you know you are going to be eating over your calories on the weekend, just cut down how much you would normally be eating throughout the week and then you will be managing your calories much better for that time!

Remember it’s all about balance, don’t stress yourself out, get back on track and you will 100% be sorted.

Trust The System!

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