Why Did You Want to Start This?

Why did you want to start something? Build a business, get fit and healthy or even your university course. Motivation always takes a dip when you spend some time on that thing you are doing. An example, you want to get in good health and look good, but you’re 2 weeks, 4 weeks in and you aren’t seeing the results fast enough? You should have a 6 pack now right? Or not be out of breath walking up some stairs?

You spent 2 weeks of working hard you should be here now!? Yeah it doesn’t work like that, everything you do takes time, you don’t make a million over night (Unless you win the lottery of course) or even have the body of your dreams over night? (Unless you go under the knife) all jokes aside everything takes time, you’re going to have set backs, you’re going to fail more often than being successful, but how would you know what’s good if you never had bad? How would you know if anyone likes your product if someone doesn’t tell you they dislike it first? It’s all about learning and all progressing!

When you’re feeling low and that is it even worth it you need to think why you started it in the beginning and think where you would be and how far you would if you started a year ago, so think how well you’ll do in a year’s time from now!

Muhamamd Ali wasn’t born and then become the best boxer without putting work in, ask anyone who is where you want to be they’ll all tell you they’ve had massive set back’s but they kept pursuing it and it came, just like it will for you! So stop, take a deep breath and realise why you started this journey in the first place!

What’s your dream? What keeps you motivated?

Trust The System!

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