Why Warming Up Is Important!

One of the most overlooked things when it comes to training would be the warm up. People tend to only do a few static stretches or just go straight into it. I believe this mainly happens because people are too eager to just get into the session or they don’t really see much point to it.

But the thing is, its vital that you warm up before every session you do, 5-15 minutes every time. It can seem boring but mixing it up and trying new things will make it more enjoyable, and it will help you improve in your session drastically.

There is 3 things you want to do in every warm up that is vital to building your body up and preparing it for your session ahead. Foam rolling, Mobility and Activation. These 3 components are what is going to reduce your risk to injury and help improve your performance when you train.

To keep the warm ups interesting, you want to prepare your warm up depending on the session you are about to do. e.g. if you are doing leg day, focus on specific movements for your legs. Also looking up on social media for different ideas. Remember there isn't one right way to do something, so experiment. I’m going to do some more videos explaining more about the components to your warm up.

Trust The System!

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