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Why You Need Online Coaching!

Why You Need Online Coaching?

The next few days I am going to be talking about exactly why YOU need online coaching

If you’re someone who is confused about what to do when trying to lose weight, have no clue where to start, or you’ve just lost all motivation, then online coaching is exactly what you need.

The next few days I’m going to talk about the benefits of online coaching:

Now is the time to take control and work towards the goals you want to achieve.

Having Proper Structure Towards Your Goals

Having proper structure when it comes to anything is key.

This is really important for our physical and mental health. We decide to lose weight, start exercising and think “I need to just go for lots of runs, eat lots of salads, add plenty of HIIT and I’ll be fit and healthy”.

If only it was that simple.

We all have different tastes in what we enjoy, food-wise and exercise-wise. We all have different schedules and responsibilities. When it comes to losing weight, it isn’t a case of a ‘one size fits all’ situation.

If you are someone who does struggle losing weight and have no clue where to start, then an online coach is 100% for you. You don’t have to guess or wonder what you need to do- investing in a coach is going to save you so much time and eliminate all that stress you will be getting while trying to start your weight loss journey.

With online coaching, you’ll have your workouts planned for you, tailored towards your personal goals and you’ll gain a much better understanding towards your nutrition.

Daily Accountability

One reason people lose motivation, is because they lack accountability.

When you change your daily routine and add new habits, such as tracking your calories to be within a deficit or reaching 10,000 steps daily, it can be hard to stick to at first. Especially when motivation is gone, having someone to report your results to at the end of the day can really keep you in check.

At the end of every day, my clients will send me what they have eaten and their step count. I also keep track on their workouts I’ve set them using ‘True Coach’. The feedback I receive from my clients is that this really helps them. They are hitting their step count daily, whereas before they may not have found the time. Even with their nutrition, they’ve become mindful with portion control whereas before they were unaware of just how much they were eating.

Accountability is such a massive factor in my online coaching, as it is so easy to fall off track during the week when trying to keep yourself motivated. Having that extra person to keep you on track will hold you accountable and make such a difference.

Affordability of Online Coaching

One thing that can put people off online coaching is pricing.

It just depends on how you look at it.

Depending on location, for a 1-hour PT session you could be paying anything from £25-£100. If you’re paying £25 for 2 sessions a week, you’re paying £200 a month. For online coaching, it averages at £100 per month. Many people shy away from online coaching based on the price alone. One of the big differences between 1-2-1 sessions and online coaching is that with 1-2-1’s you’re only getting support for the duration of that session. With online coaching, you get that support 24/7.

Instead of paying for 1 session, have all your workouts planned for you for the month, having the constant accountability and communication with your online Coach. The investment in the long run is worth it.

With online coaching, you are getting more value for your money. Rather than paying for a few workouts, I provide you with your workout schedule for the whole month, personalised to you. An added bonus is the support I provide with your nutrition, as well as having that accountability.

If you have any questions or need advice, you will be able to contact me through WhatsApp, where I will get back to you that same day. We will also have weekly 30-minute check-ins, where we can discuss what went well, and what can work better.

Investing in an online coach isn’t only saving you money, but it is saving you stress and time. Invest in someone who can help you achieve your goals for the long-term.

Athletes are given programmes to follow, they’re guided in terms of food and exercise so they can just focus on the job at hand. Instead of winging it, they invest in someone to find them the answers. That’s what I can do for you too!

Invest in your health and I guarantee you’ll enhance your life.

Trust The System!

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