Why You Should Do 10,000 Steps Everyday!

So you’ve probably seen a lot of people saying you should walk 10,000 steps a day, but why? What is that going to do? Well its going to keep you fit and healthy thats what it’s going to do.

What we all need to realise is the world is getting lazy- we drive short distances, we don’t wash the dishes because we’ve got dish washers, we can pay for someone to drop food to our door within an hour without having to do anything. Everything is easy. Then when people want to get fit they do a workout and then sit around the whole day. It’s great to workout but its also what you do for the rest of the day that will define your progress.

A lot of trainers are saying to get 10,000 steps daily because its not only going to get you moving more but its also going to get you doing your ‘NEAT’ (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which is 15-20% of your total body expenditure 5% being your work out. So in hindsight, when you ditch the dishwasher and car you can end up burning more calories by doing 10,000+ steps daily, and moving more than when you’re just hitting the gym.

Trust The System!

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