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You're Not Lazy For Taking a Day Off

Just because you took a day off doesn’t make you lazy. If anything, it can be the most important day of your week.

Giving your body a rest whether that’s physically or mentally is going to make you way more productive throughout the week. It’s not easy when you look on social media and see people who are ‘successful’ talking about how they work all day, every single day and never have a break.

Don’t always believe what you see on social media and don’t let that affect how you control your life. You do you, having a day off from training is beneficial because it’s going to help your body recover.

If you didn’t give your body that time, it will eventually just break down and you will have no other choice but to do nothing, not just for one day but for multiple. So, make sure you stay in control.

The same goes for your mind just having that day to do nothing, and just enjoy yourself it will help recharge your mind where you will be more productive throughout the week.

You want to work smarter not harder, and actually enjoy what you’re working hard for.

Trust The System!

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